Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater

This is a bonus episode to celebrate podcast day Sept 30th. This is from CBSRMT the story is called Them! It's about a man who takes the law into his own hands when the courts have failed to punish the "guilty".

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Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 10 - The Whistler - The Hang Tree Affair, Man on the Roof & The Silent City

This week on Biff's Mystery Theatre features 3 stories from The Whistler, he knows many things for he walks by night. This is a great series about a man who narrates strange tales of murder and deceit that he has gleaned from travelling in the darkness.

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91 - Red Rover, Red Rover, We Call Ben Clover Over w @SaliBerisha1 @BiffsWerd

I met up with local London stand-up comic Ben Clover aka https://twitter.com/SaliBerisha1 

Also check out his website http://benclover.weebly.com/ for clips and more details about his upcoming comedy shows. This episode we just shoot the shit in a London park south of the Thames. Remember to follow us on Twitter and rate and review the show. 

Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 9 - Quiet, Please! - Northern Lights, The Third Man's Story, Gem of Purest Ray

This week we have 3 episodes of

Quiet,Please requested by 


Audio on these is a bit rough but still a good listen with good stories. If you have a request for a type of story you want to hear or have a specific show in mind contact me 





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Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 8 - CBSRMT - The Black Room & Diary of a Madman

This week features 2 episodes from CBSRMT, which was a revival of old time radio shows. It ran from 1974-1983 with over 1,000 episodes and was hosted by the late, great E.G. Marshall.

The Black Room is a test of loneliness where a man must struggle to keep his sanity while locked away in solitary confinement. Diary of a Madman deals with a man who believes that killing is part of being human, just like eating and breathing.

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Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 7 - The Black Museum w Orson Welles - The Khaki Handkerchief, The Silencer & The Pair Of Spectacles

The wife has requested The Black Museum this week so I bring you 3 true crime tales from Scotland Yard's Black Museum, The Khaki Hankerchief, The Silencer & The Pair of Spectacles.

Hosted by Orson Welles, he tours the macabre museum and describes different objects connected to real murders commited in the London area. Definitely one of my favourite OTR shows.

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