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89 - The Garden of Eden w @MonkeyMagicEden @BiffsWerd

My guest this week is @MonkeyMagicEden on Twitter. He's a veteran podcaster living inBournesmouth, England. This was the first time we spoke. Had a great time with him and look forward to more conversations in the future. Lays the foundation for the #GarbagePerson podcast coming next week.

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Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 1 -  Escape - Casting The Runes & The Country of The Blind

Welcome to the premiere of my weekly instalments of classic Old Time Radio dramas.

This episode features 2 tales from Escape, one of the best radio shows of its time. The first story is called Casting The Runes, which takes place in London, followed by one of my favourites The Country of The Blind. 

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88 - Rotten Tomatoes Ranks Marvel's 39 Films Best to Worst w @BiffsWerd

With Ant-Man coming out this weekend Rotten Tomatoes has made a list of all the Marvel films including those not part of the current MCU and ranked them from best to worst. I disagree with pretty much this whole list and offer my talents should Disney ever decide that they want to make better films in the future. Let me know if you have a different take by tweeting at me or emailing me.

Twitter: @BiffsWerd

Email: biffsweetwater@gmail.com

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87 - Nick Revell, Feminist Porno Jihadi w @nickula @BiffsWerd

This episode I sit down with one of Britain's best stand-up comedians. Author, actor & writer Nick Revell has a new show heading to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this Aug 6th-30th please check out Nick's website for full details and links to all his work. 


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