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GCPDudes EP004 - Arkham

We've reached episode 4 and boy, oh boy, is it a bad episode. The villain this week is the African warlord from 24 and he uses a flute knife to kill his targets.

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85 - Tour de Force & Tech Support w @BiffsWerd @iestyboy

I have a chat with everybodies favourite Welsh Princess, Iestyn Thomas.

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GCPDudes EP003 - Balloonman

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Episode 3 Balloonman featuring Tali

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GCPDudes EP002 - Celina Kyle

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In this episode we cover episode 2 of Gotham entitled Celina Kyle. This time around we comment while we watch, to save us and you, the trouble of giving the show our full attention. The only thing we continue to enjoy is the rise of Penguin as he struggles to eat a sandwich properly.

Next week Tali joins us for episode 3 the Balloon-Man.    

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