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GCPDudes EP001 - Pilot

Welcome to the pilot episode of

Gotham City Podcast Dudes

Each week we will watch an episode of Gotham, then turn on some mics and talk about what we just saw or more likely avoid talking about the show in favor of a more interesting conversation.

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84 - Talk2Cleo Live In London w @Talk2Cleo @BiffsWerd

Hello lovely people, my guest this week is the beautiful and talented Dutch podcast host Talk2Cleo. After many years of talking via the interwebs we got together in London, England to celebrate my wife's birthday.

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83 - Taylor Made Nerds w Taylor Milne @BiffsWerd

Taylor has been on not once, not twice but thrice now and ea h time we geek out hard core. This time around we breakdown the Avengers: Age Of Ultron tailer and speculate on the film. We cover Arrow, The Flash, and the new pilot for The Atom. Plus tons more tangents and movie/comicbook talk from us experts.

Check out the links below for more

Avengers Meets Pinocchio Mashup














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