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82 - Deviant's Church Is In Session w @DeviantsChurch @BiffsWerd

After almost 2 years away and some rebranding Father Randle McMurphy is back. Please go check out his podcast, website and follow him on Twitter. 




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81 - #InternetCountdown or #Hashtag w @LannyMav @BiffsWerd


It's the return of Lanny Maverick!!! This time he's got himself a Twitter handle so please go follow 


This episode was meant to be about the Internet and how it shaped the world we live in but quickly devolved into madness and jokes with some salient points made along the way mostly by my wife, the beautiful, intelligent and funny Tali Sweetwater 


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80 - The Body Mod Job w @RussFoxx @BiffsWerd

My guest this time is Russ Foxx, a body modification artist living in Vancouver. He breaks down what is involved in body suspension, scarification, scleral tattoos and more. This is a very informative episode and there are links to severeal videos and Russ' website below.






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79 - Rhythm Is A Dancer... Named Joey w @JoeyBothwell @BiffsWerd

My former dance teacher Joey Bothwell was back in town for a few days doing some acting work and was nice enough to stop by and talk with me. She's got a live show in LA called Burlesque Beauties that she runs and for more info please check out Joey's website:


And remember to rate and review the show where ever you may be listening and go to my YouTube channel to watch my Stand-Up or Cooking With Biff videos.



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