Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
68 - Ebola #TheBrownMarket w @BiffsWerd

This episode I tackle the subject of Ebola with the help of my fiance. I believe it's a result of people banging dead animals on safari and the underground trade of fecal matter aka The Brown Market.

Wanna know more?

Watch the Ch4 Unreported World episode called Suurviving Ebola and visit the CDC's website.

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67 - That Reporter Kid Is Cassius Morris w @CassiusMorris @BiffsWerd

I wanted to know what it's like being a teenager now-a-days so my guest this time is Cassius Morris check out his website and follow him on Twitter:



He started podcasting at the age of 13 and has interviewed top comics like Greg Fitzsimmons and Joey"Coco"Diaz.

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