Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
56 - DEEZ NUTZ w Deez @BiffsWerd

Deez and I were gonna do a drugs podcast but it turned into and conversation about video games, why people do skin lightening, kitties and animal porn(near the end). But we managed to get a few drug related topics covered like doing acid with a 12 year old when he was 16 and the wet brain effect from too much alcohol. Follow me on Twitter, I got jokes, and please rate and review the show. It's the only thing I'll ask y'all for. 




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55 - Boy Meets Girl:  Transgender Tales w @TimeaQuon @BiffsWerd

Timea breaks down the process of how she became the woman she is today, transforming from Tim into Timea, plus we talk a bunch of shit. She's really funny so go follow her on Twitter @TimeaQuon and enjoy the show.



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54 - The Legend of Paul Drytown w Pablo Villaseca @BiffsWerd

Animator, part time soldier, Chilean man and former roommate Pablo Villaseca aka Paul Drytown visits my hermits cave for a chat about animation and life. He works on Max Steel currently and has been a part of League of Super Evil and SlugTerra as well. 



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This week on the podcast ChromeVision joins me for a conversation in the hood. He is a screen writer, director, producer and rapper from out of East Vancouver. Here's a link to his short film Life's a Gamble and this is a link to his music on Reverbnation http://www.reverbnation.com/chromevision

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