Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
47 - Hip-Hop Hoo-ray! w @BAAHKAST @BiffsWerd

My pal SpaceGoat aka @BAAHKAST on Twitter is back to talk some shit with me and also promote the new single from Al Ca$ino ft. Too Short & Clyde Carson - Only For Tonight which drops February 5 worldwide. You can also find him on 98.2 The Beat LA where he hosts several shows including The BAAHKAST.

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46 - A Dance with The Devil under the Pale Moonlight w @StanDaDevil @BiffsWerd

This week @StanDaDevil joins me to talk about his new chili company @damngoodchili follow him, his chili and me @BiffsWerd on Twitter.

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45 - Oscar Contenders w @BiffsWerd

I review the big oscar nominees and then I show Moose how to use Tinder which turns out has a lot of pre and post op Koreans that look a lot like Bobby Lee & Bobby Trivia from DVDASA. Plus some weird nonsense to wrap it up. 

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