Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
40 - Cock Talk w @ralphtaylor11 @BiffsWerd

This week I caught up with my pal Ralph Taylor @ralphtaylor11 on Twitter. He is an actor of the highest calibur from London currently performing in theatres across the UK and finalizing a deal to join the Blue Man Group. My skype was being fucked so we had an abrupt chat. Also I introduce a new segment called #CockTalk so I hope you enjoy. 

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39 - For Your Health w @BiffsWerd

With fat shamming being in the news lately, I decided to sit down with my buddies and watch a Ch4 documentary about people dealing with obesity and some of the life changing surgeries they are undergoing.  



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38 - COAST2COASTFM2 w @Powderedhoof @BiffsWerd

It's the return of COAST2COASTFM, which means we'll be exploring the realms of the unknown and mysteries of the ages. This episode I speak w a professor who claims Reptile Men are among us, Moose Davies drops some Earthquake wisdom on us, and later i the show we speak with a Bigfoot expert in the field hunting the beast.

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37 - Blind Date Biff w @BiffsWerd

Short episode ya'll, I recount my last few dates over Halloween time and then get abducted by Facineh. 

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