Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
36 - Return of the Dude w @Brocczombie @BiffsWerd

It's time to get wet with a couple of REAL MEN: The one and only @DudeBroccoli and my damn self get to talking some shit this week.

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35 - Listener Appreciation Week w @DeeDay83 @BiffsWerd

It's listener appreciation week on the podcast and I'm talking to a Puerto Rican on my podcast @DeeDay83 on Twitter joins me via Skype for a chat and let me tell you this girl is a blast + I love her New Yorker accent.

When you're Puerto Rican, you're just Puerto Rican.

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34 - Indigo Powers Activate w @NatashaForry @BiffsWerd

This week's episode features an opening song by Facineh just repeating my name over and over in strange ways. My guest is the beautiful and talented Natasha Forry a Vancouver local on her way to New York.

33 - Something Drugs This Way Comes w Deez, Mysterious Stranger, @BiffsWerd

The highly anticipated drugscast is going down. I went to my man Deez house to pick his brain about LSD, DMT, etc. A mysterious stranger joins us about 30 mins into the episode and has loads of drug knowledge to drop as well. We just scratched the surface so he'll be back on the show again.



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32 - DuckTales w Justin Norman @Powderedhoof @BiffsWerd

Huey, Dewey, and Louie get together via Skype to talk about the past present and future.


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