Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
31 - Dexter Is Dead w @EggsBenidict @BiffsWerd

With Dexter coming to an end I decided to talk about one of my fav shows w my pal from Toronto @EggsBenidict on Twitter. I also read an excert from the book Conan The Destroyer + an interview Manu Bennett from TV's Spartacus & Arrow.

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Mick aka @postalpoet on Twitter calls in on his way home from work and drops some knowledge on everyone. 


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This week I linked up w my cousin and his band Bushwhacker. They are a metal band based out of Vancouver, you can catch them playing around the city and check 'em out here: www.facebook.com/BushwhackerYukon

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28 - A Motown Made SpaceGoat w @BAAHKFAM @BiffsWerd

The first 20 minutes of this podcast is me going over my weekend so skip ahead if you want to.

This week SpaceGoat aka @BAAHKAST on Twitter joins me for a game of Rape, Rob, Hang. We shoot the shit and talk a little conspiracy talk. 




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27 - 2 Girls, A Guy & A ChiliFest w @BiffsWerd

I met up with two beautiful women on a sunny Sunday for some fun coffee, laughs, and chili @ the 2nd annual GasTown Chilifest. I managed to offend them in record time with a new game I'm trying out and the song at the end basically sums up how I feel. Please Rate, Review, & Tell A Friend.

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