Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
26 - Random Acts of Biff aka Tad Clearwater Strikes again @BiffsWerd

My archnemesis Tad Clearwater broke into my studio, we clashed and it destroyed most of the place and so it's a short one not really a guest either.


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25 - Guitar Heroes w @PowderedHoof @keitafazineh @BiffsWerd

Back in Vancouver after a roadtrip with my brother @Powderedhoof across the USA. We met @keitafazineh at a West Vancouver apartment to film some shots for our movie and do a musical podcast while we get high and eat.



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24 - I Talked 2 Cleo w @Talk2Cleo @BiffsWerd

One of the best people of the twitter world and famous dutch podcast host @Talk2Cleo joins me this week for a little one on one as we get to know eachother better. This conversation went on for over 3 hours but I lost the ending so it just ends. Please check out her podcast called Talk2Cleo available on Libsyn or iTunes and follow her and I on Twitter. 




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23 - OH SNAP!!! w @kern_michael @BiffsWerd

Fellow Deathsquad soulja from Chicago @kern_michael on Twitter joins me this week to talk about being in wheelchair since the age of 22 and how he maintains such a positive attitude(I think marijuana is involved).


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