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22 - What Nightmares May Come... w @PowderedHoof @BiffsWerd

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21 - The Cosby Show w Matt Damon aka Rob Cosby aka The Alesman @BiffsWerd

The man, the myth, the legend...Rob Cosby joins me on the podcast. You'll recognize Rob from the Bourne Identity movies or the new SCI-FI movie Elysium. We talk about his upcoming babies, how the sports and entertainment world really work and what he would do if he was a super being.

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20 - Suicide Squad w @BiffsWerd

It's just me talking about suicide.


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19 - A Real Life Disney Princess w Savonna Spracklin @BiffsWerd

I met up with Savonna(a girl with both brains & beauty)at one of Vancouver's best parks and we we sat on the grass and I poke and prodded her about what it's like being a lady. She is super awesome and I hope to have her back cause we really just scratched the surface. Go to my YouTube channel to see her in the short film The Next Day

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18 - Kill Machete Bill Vol.2 w @PowderedHoof @BiffsWerd

On this episode we wrap up the Bill issue, give you a step by step breakdown of the D.E.N.N.I.S System, and whole bunch of other crazy non sense.

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