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17 - Kill Machete Bill Vol.1 w @PowderedHoof @BiffsWerd

Back by popular demand it's my brother Moose Davies aka @PowderedHoof on Twitter. This time he has a hell of a story to tell one that just happened only hours before we recorded this. We discuss that story, Shroomfest(This Weekend), the ammo shortage in North America, Ibogaine and Vitamin Poo.

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16 - A Reel Character w Kurt Evans @BiffsWerd

Local Vancouver Actor Kurt Evans sat down with me fresh out of an audition room for a new pilot(The man is busy). Not only does he act but he also teaches, directs, writes & produces. We talked about the moive biz and movies in general warning: There are some Spoilers from the new Star Trek movie and one from the 50's. Here's a link to his IMDB page: www.imdb.com/name/nm0262957/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

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15 - The Man Behind The Vine w @peteec @BiffsWerd

On this weeks episode a DEATHSQUAD alumni Pete Cornacchione aka @peteec on Twitter joins me talk some shit. If you have Vine I highly recommend following Pete he's very clever and creative when it comes to making 6 second videos that loop. 

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14 - Agent Paisely of CTU w Padra Paisely @BiffsWerd

Special Agent Padra Paisely of CTU joins me this week to talk about being in acting school together, movies and ends up asking me questions instead of the other way 'round. He trained directly underneath the man, the myth, the legend Jack Bauer.

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