Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
13 - Sex In The Park w @Razzbot @BiffsWerd

I apoligize for the audio it's a very sensitive mic the H4N Zoom. Me and my buddy talk about how I choke on all my food, the women in our lives & the cure to hiccups in one Vancouvers lovely parks.


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12 - Super Good Boys w @EggsBenidict @Powderedhoof @BiffsWerd

This is the last episode from my old feed that I forgot to transfer over and since my computer broke yesterday this is all I got right now. @EggsBenidict and @PowderedHoof join me on this episode from Toronto via the interwebs. We uncover shocking things from all our pasts.


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11 - Veggie Tales from the Crypt w @Brocczombie @BiffsWerd

@Dudebroccoli from the Twitterverse reveals his master plan for total world domination. ALL HAIL BROCCOLI!!!!! 

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10 - Twelfth Night, Vampires, & Club Nouveau...Oh My! w @PowderedHoof & Lady Heroin @BiffsWerd

This week it's a mini episode featuring a conversation I had with a heroin addict that moments earlier I watched shoot some sweet sweet heron into her jugular. Go to my YouTube channel to see her video. Also on this one is my brother the one and only Moose Davies.

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9 - Dear Professor Deathsquad w @DBolelli @BiffsWerd

Author, professor, martial artist, podcast host and overall badass Daniele Bolelli joins me for a chat about Religion.

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