Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
8 - Adventeire Time w @kitsunegirl @BiffsWerd

The first (and possibly last) female guest on my show @kitsunegirl on Twitter came into my rape cave for a chat one hand on the mic the other on her mace. If you're having trouble understanding what's being said it's because she's Irish. 


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7 - Poppa Shongos Exposed w My Dad @BiffsWerd

A very special episode of Q&A with my father who I call Poppa Shongos after the WWF wrestler back in the day. He's probably 1 of the top 5 Dads in the world and is a secret agent but will neither confirm, nor deny it... without killing me.

I love you Big Guy! 

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6 - The Spruce Moose w @PowderedHoof @BiffsWerd

On this amazing mini-boner ep; Moose and me talk G.I. Joe, I do some sidewalk singing, and we solve the whole North Korea situation. OH!!! And a small taste of the classic track "Ghey Dad"

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5 - Fail of the Guardians w Emo @BiffsWerd

In the style of "How Did This Get Made?" Emo and I watched Rise of the Guardians so you don't have to. This movie ruined DreamWorks Studios and my Saturday. 




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