Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
4 - It Is What It Is w @DaCuckoosNest @BiffsWerd

Randle McMurphy aka @DaCuckoosnest on Twitter joins me this week. check out his podcast at www.dacuckoosnest.com and follow him on Twitter. We talked about kitties, Game of Thrones, and Alabama.

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3 - Coast2CoastFM w @PowderedHoof @BiffsWerd

We go deep into the rabbit hole of cosmic awareness in the first of many talks with my brother from another father and mother Moose Davies. Together, we are humanity's best chance for survival in this future full of robot zombies that rule the nuclear wastelands.

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2 - What The Yuk!? w @YukNassty @BiffsWerd

The multi-talented host of the Get In Da Corner podcast, @YukNassty joins me on the podcast and we try to figure out the solutions to all of lifes problems but the recording ended just as we were getting to the solution.

http://illradio.net http://GetYuk.com http://biffsweetwater.com/podcast


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1 (Pilot) - Keita's World w  @BiffsWerd

Ever wonder what a African Child Soldiers is like? Well, You picked the right podcast. This week I have the first of many conversations with Keita Fazineh all the way from Freetown, Sierra Leone now building a career up here in Canada.


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