Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater
44 - Harrykkuh Haany (Xmas Edition) w @powderedhoof @eggsbenedict @BiffsWerd

We've come to the end of the year and I'm on my last day being back in Toronto, so I sat down with my brother and Heff Boon in person instead of via Skype for a 2013 wrap-up. We play an Xmas edition of Rape, Rob, Hang, talk about our favourite gifts and set goals for 2014.

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43 - You Gak!? w @powderedhoof @BiffsWerd

My brother Moose Davies chats with me about his misfortunes & his love life in this week's episode. I break down Tinder Trolls and the dreaded new man rating app for ladies called Lulu.

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42 - Near Death Experiences w @Timesamillion @BiffsWerd

Maritimer, Alesman, Musician & Human Cat Nathan aka @Timesamillion on Twitter joins me to this week to talk about his numerous near death experiences since the age of 4. We cover dreams and super powers as well and listen to the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer.

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41 - A Stranger Is Just A Weirdo You Haven't Met w @BiffsWerd

I always find myself having the strangest conversations with people I just met. Case in point: I run into this drunken German who is real chatty about t his Nazi elders and then on a seperate day I went with Facineh to his African Food Store and we talked to the owner about love & war in Africa.

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40 - Cock Talk w @ralphtaylor11 @BiffsWerd

This week I caught up with my pal Ralph Taylor @ralphtaylor11 on Twitter. He is an actor of the highest calibur from London currently performing in theatres across the UK and finalizing a deal to join the Blue Man Group. My skype was being fucked so we had an abrupt chat. Also I introduce a new segment called #CockTalk so I hope you enjoy. 

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39 - For Your Health w @BiffsWerd

With fat shamming being in the news lately, I decided to sit down with my buddies and watch a Ch4 documentary about people dealing with obesity and some of the life changing surgeries they are undergoing.  



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38 - COAST2COASTFM2 w @Powderedhoof @BiffsWerd

It's the return of COAST2COASTFM, which means we'll be exploring the realms of the unknown and mysteries of the ages. This episode I speak w a professor who claims Reptile Men are among us, Moose Davies drops some Earthquake wisdom on us, and later i the show we speak with a Bigfoot expert in the field hunting the beast.

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37 - Blind Date Biff w @BiffsWerd

Short episode ya'll, I recount my last few dates over Halloween time and then get abducted by Facineh. 

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36 - Return of the Dude w @Brocczombie @BiffsWerd

It's time to get wet with a couple of REAL MEN: The one and only @DudeBroccoli and my damn self get to talking some shit this week.

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35 - Listener Appreciation Week w @DeeDay83 @BiffsWerd

It's listener appreciation week on the podcast and I'm talking to a Puerto Rican on my podcast @DeeDay83 on Twitter joins me via Skype for a chat and let me tell you this girl is a blast + I love her New Yorker accent.

When you're Puerto Rican, you're just Puerto Rican.

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