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Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater

Spreading The Werd with Biff Sweetwater has evolved into several podcasts all under the same umbrella. Originally an interview/sketch comedy podcast featuring a parody of Coast 2 Coast AM, a former African child soldier, a woman that used to be a man, bands, actors, authors, comedians and more things & stuff.

Here you can find classic old time radio shows released every week on Biff's Mystery Theatre.

Biff & his co-host Taylor aka Doctor Milne did the short lived Gotham City Podcast Dudes or GCPDudes, where they review episodes of the tv series Gotham.

The latest podcast to join the Sweetwater podcast family is Hypothetical Homicide, where each episode guests discuss how they would murder Biff in order to fulfill a contract Dolph Lundgren has set up, as well as, ponder murders from all space & time in general.

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Aug 8, 2019

My sociopathic wife tricked me into falling in love with her again. She had me move all my stuff in, gave me a key, talked me into buying a dog and taking her on a series of expensive dates. Then she disappears for days claiming to be babysitting only to return over 48hours later to finally admit after I confronted her that she was actually out with her one of her current lovers. She then threatened me with violence, tossing me and ll my things on the street and police action if I did anything to upset her or question her and confront her on her  lies and the wake of human destruction she has caused not just with myself but with the children she was paid to look after and their parents and her parents and her friends and family. She lies to us all and keeps burning bridges. Beware Tali Chester and avoid her at all costs. The man she was fucking behind my back and then ran to after I threw her out for her behaviour described her as evil and he's tossed her out after she fucked one of his employees. She claims the highest morals but in reality has none whatsoever.